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The website functions as a Quake/QuakeWorld demo & tournament archive. For speed runs of single-player Quake, check out Speed Demos Archive


The following individuals have very kindly contributed funds to keep the servers (both website/database and the game servers) up and running.

You can donate via PayPal

Files were initially taken from a number of archives across the internet - many thanks to everyone who took the time to preserve demos and tournament websites/results over the years. In particular:

An attempt has also been made to import tournament information from various websites detailing results.

If you have a demo archive or know of a tournament structure that is currently missing, please get in touch. Particularly interested in official tournament games of old, whatever the skill level.

Known data sources not imported yet:

Potential demo sources not imported yet:

Installing Quake

To watch the demos, you'll need a modern QuakeWorld client. The fastest & easiest way to get Quake up and running is to install nquake, which is focused on multiplayer online play. An alternative is AfterQuake, based on the FTEQW engine.

The focal point for the multi-player Quakeworld community is - forums, graphics, competitions etc.

For single-player Quake, check-out quaddicted for single player engines, maps and complete episodes.

A good source for Quake maps is Empezar's archive,


Textures from screenshots courtesy of various individuals uploading to

Country flags courtesy of Mark James's icon was created by bps