Free For All (AEROWALK)
10 minutes, Deathmatch 3
ping pl frags name
42 0 0 [Dz]BogoJoker
56 0 spec ziel
Saturday 17 Sep 2005, 00:31
BogoJoker (.jj.)
Hipark: (made by Drako aka Forrest)

Slip: (made by Inertia)

Saturday 17 Sep 2005, 06:03
i just hope ppl on 13/0 cant do this in normal games, cuz i sure couldnt after like 3mins and didnt wanna keep fooling around any longer when there was no sign of a possible success ;p
Saturday 17 Sep 2005, 07:31
HA. HA. HA. Havent known that it was possible to do ever. Nicccee :) +1 degree of freedom to qw motions////
Saturday 17 Sep 2005, 08:33
How come you renamed park to hipark? :o
Saturday 17 Sep 2005, 09:29
BogoJoker (.jj.)
park = 1on1 map
hipark = 4on4 map

I am on great terms with the maps creator and the words hipark/park are interchangeable, they are synonomous (spelling?). I used hipark for my demos because it has more applicable teleporter tricks, and even to make my decision even simplier it has the same teleporters as park but there are MORE.

If you dont have hipark you should dl the new 4on4 hit. It has a great chance of debuting in the NA 4on4 tournment coming up! The map boasts pent and ring powerups, as well as a quad room with multiple entrances and exits. Possibly a first, this map has more lg's then rl's (2:1). Fast paced and low enough on ammo that controlling for extended periods of time is less likely then dm3.
Saturday 17 Sep 2005, 19:12

i cant wait to see this used in games... i wouldnt call it a bug but certainly i havent seen it used thus before

great stuff as always jj :)
Saturday 17 Sep 2005, 19:56
seems possible in 13ms but i couldn't do anything usefull with it just by trying for 5-10mins
Saturday 17 Sep 2005, 21:02
Phil: I have used it in games. 2 games to be exact. Both aero because ever since I finnaly figured it out that it can be used on ANY teleporter I only knew of the 1 on aero which was used for the basic air trick to get the high rl.

In those games I was like 3 for 3 attempts or 3 for 4 attempts. Its pretty amazing how fast you shoot out of there on aero!
Saturday 17 Sep 2005, 21:22
Oh I didn't realise there was another version of the map.

BTW I _would_ call it a bug, teles are intended to shoot you out forward at 300ups, no matter the entry speed.
Saturday 17 Sep 2005, 23:02
Phil: I have used it in games. 2 games to be exact. Both aero because ever since I finnaly figured it out that it can be used on ANY teleporter I only knew of the 1 on aero which was used for the basic air trick to get the high rl.

In those games I was like 3 for 3 attempts or 3 for 4 attempts. Its pretty amazing how fast you shoot out of there on aero!
Saturday 17 Sep 2005, 23:04
this does not depend in anyway whatsoever the entry speed.

The rocket is fired after entering the teleporter and it hits a wall on the exit side of the teleporter which boosts you like a rocket jump would.
Saturday 17 Sep 2005, 23:12
I didn't say it does, I was merely explaining intended tele behaviour :)
Saturday 17 Sep 2005, 23:19
but you implied that such a behaviour would qualify jj's exploits as a bug

maybe its the coder in me speaking, but rather than bug i would say it is an undocumented feature :D
Sunday 18 Sep 2005, 02:14
Before you bark up the wrong tree: Yes I did imply that. It as the reference to entry speed I was explaining in the last comment.

P.S The coder in you should know better the difference between bug and undocumented feature :o
Sunday 18 Sep 2005, 02:27
JJ: In the demo examples are you always using +attack with RL because it's the default weapon? Will +attack work with any weapon including axe with this trick?
Sunday 18 Sep 2005, 06:10
jj: can you post some demo where you used this trick in-game? thx
btw does this trick work with a weapon alias like alias +rl "impulse 7 6 3 5 2 4 1;+attack"
alias -rl "-attack;impulse 2"
or does it only work with impulse 7 active and +attack ?
Sunday 18 Sep 2005, 06:19
clark zomgix
OMG!!! new haxor movement!!! ZOMG!! love it!!
Sunday 18 Sep 2005, 12:07
JJ: In these demos are you using ANY scripts at all to make this move easier for you?

Sunday 18 Sep 2005, 17:00
JJ is rj'ing of the walls, so RL is needed, and it's quite easy, 'cos of his crap connect.

A teleport forces you to look in a particular direction, but the direction change is done on the client (when it receives a setangle command) rather than immediately on the server.

JJ has unstable ping so he probably has at least 4-5 frames before the setangle command reaches his client, giving him time to fire the RL after he exits the teleport, in the direction he was facing as he entered the teleport.

Most players with stable low ping won't have enough time to do it.
Sunday 18 Sep 2005, 20:08
Wow I just thought of something.

Could it because I was connected to a qizmo that it is easier for me then some other people.

I did not use any script at all. It should work with the script mentioned because IT FIRES A ROCKET. All I do is shoot a rocket. If you use the axe and +attack it will AXE. Come on guys!

And right now I am on my laptop, not my game machine. If I saved the game I will upload it, nothing special. I havent really been able to use it very specially yet cause I havent dueled.

Phil, I like how you put that :) Just like bunny hopping and wall riding, its a feature ;)
Monday 19 Sep 2005, 02:10
Bug-o-feature != feature != bug sorry JJ :o
Monday 19 Sep 2005, 09:13
This is very old bug really.
I seen demos with this 1.5-2 years ago.
Some russian guy from clan Zvery (Tyrannos is his nick) made script, that allow you to get MH on gl on dm2. All you need is to look to one of corner of TELE and push binded button. When you passed thru tele, you already have speed 700+ and jumped to MH/GL without using floated platform.
Another russian guy (NW.Disconnect) used this bug in his official match on ztndm3. MH/Tele -> RA .
But since scripting is out of respect, and its very hard to do "by hands", this bug is useless in my oppinion.

My english is sux, i know it.
Monday 19 Sep 2005, 09:54
Your english is OK, I understood completely :-)
Monday 19 Sep 2005, 14:49
Tuesday 20 Sep 2005, 07:57
14 rofl. you sound like a liberal :). all patronizing, and not even a name to show for it
Wednesday 21 Sep 2005, 12:05
Blaze, that sounds very doable. Just when you go in the tele try fireing and jumping. I dont have the time to try it yet but it sounds simple enough. I just wonder about 1 thing, many teleporters exits are slightly above ground. So when you come out of the teleporter you are off the ground (cant jump) and u fall a very short distane (dont make grunt). So unless the dm2 teleporter your referring to transports you perfectly level to the ground and a well placed rocket jump combined with whatever forward speed the teleporter gives you is enough to make the rocket jump to the mega (breath), then the jump won't be possible. Sadly my memort fails me if the dm2 tele spits you out with a decent forward speed. Normally I stop immediatly and strafe left defensively.

I guess the bug is old, but I just made this pack to make it public because I just figured it out and it looks as though many mainstream players didn't know about it.
Wednesday 21 Sep 2005, 12:08
Anynomous (sp) said teleporters should spit you out at speed 300. So I guess that should be enough. After all walking (not strafe walking) is 320 on kteams.

So your looking at a blind rocket jump (seeing as u should be aiming in the red armor room for the rocket jump in the 2x yellow armor room) from the corner... I need to test it out on a computer with quake. Not this here laptop ;)
Thursday 22 Sep 2005, 07:48
a Yam
I just tried this trick on a local server (should give me a 0 ping and thus render the hardest conditions for performing it?) and it's in fact not hard AT ALL to do. And it can be very useful i recon, just watch JJ's demos.
Thursday 22 Sep 2005, 08:25
lol partonising?
Thursday 22 Sep 2005, 13:53
Thanks for testing out the ping reasoning a Yam.

Once again I suggest everyone to try the ztndm3 red armor trick. Seeing as that was the easiest, its the most useful, and it requires that you enter the teleporter looking straight into it.

Other tricks like all the dm6 tricks require very difficult aiming locations when you enter the teleporter. In fact, the dm6 jumps involve you shooting the side of the teleporter so that when u exit it shoots the side of the teleport on the exit side and you use that as your rocket jump wall. I wish I could explain that easier. Still the mega trick might be applicable in a game if you get good enough at it.

I'm sry I ramble when i'm excited.