Duel (DM2)
fil unf!
10 minutes, Deathmatch 3, Teamplay 2
low avg high team total players
52 52 52 blue 0 1
79 80 79 bogo 0 1
ping pl frags team name
79 0 0 bogo [Dz]BogoJoker
52 0 0 blue fil unf!
Tuesday 21 Mar 2006, 00:59
clark zomgix
OMG!! very nice find! thanks for sharing
Tuesday 21 Mar 2006, 10:25
discovered by some unremembered now player in late '97, in NQ...
Tuesday 21 Mar 2006, 12:07
Manslay could you point to some evidence of that? Maybe a bug report somewhere? I just find it odd that phil, the all knowing being that lives, didn't think it could be done, then I hit him the face with a nade. =P

Okay maybe thats a little bit out of order, but phil si still `da man` and we both didn't know about it.

First person who can get a grenade through dm3 top lift and sends me the demo wins a prize. (Yes the prize is very cheesy, but who knows, you might want it!).
Tuesday 21 Mar 2006, 12:08
I meant through dm3 top lift to sng (not to pent area unless its cool).
Tuesday 21 Mar 2006, 18:04
sc ziel and i tested this last night... it can go to pent on dm3 as well.
Tuesday 21 Mar 2006, 19:46
Yes, I know it can go to pent, but I was not able to get it to sng. If you can get it to the sng I would like to see a demo of that!
Thanks =)
Wednesday 22 Mar 2006, 06:10
That's some clever shit. I don't know how you manage to figure out all these bugs with eles and teles but it's very impressive. Keep up the good work ;D

I was thinking if you were looking for new bugs in maps to exploit, there's bsp->map converters so you can view them in map editors like qoole. You could do a run through all the dm maps looking for areas that might have holes or areas to exploit. It might be a tedious process but I can imagine no less tedious than the time you've taken to exploit the tele/ele bugs.
Wednesday 22 Mar 2006, 06:48
no i saw inertia (or some other guy) doing it that same night

what i said cannot be done, is the pine on dm2 from low rl lift to tele. maybe to water, but not to tele (even though the sound of it travels that far sometimes)
Wednesday 22 Mar 2006, 06:49
and since i am the all knowing being that lives, then YOU MUST FEAR THIS MESSAGE AND TREMBINGLY OBEY!!!!
Wednesday 22 Mar 2006, 07:52
JJ ownz u all...

cause it's ma-jj-ic

Wednesday 22 Mar 2006, 07:55
Drako =)
I have not been on much.

I know what you said. Your correct. But I said:
"Okay maybe thats a little bit out of order, but..."
Wednesday 22 Mar 2006, 17:05
play reppie already! !@#(*&!@(*#&@#

#ibh on quakenet or enterthegame (dont remember which one, one of those two though)
Wednesday 22 Mar 2006, 21:52
phil, I played reppie. And I messaged you every day until the match, an hour before the game, and minutes after the game.
Wednesday 22 Mar 2006, 22:15
BogoJoker vs New Elevator Bug

did you win?!?
Wednesday 22 Mar 2006, 22:21
(((Reppie vs JJ))) - That sounds like some serious cha-tv material to me! Can someone get those games posted please 8>>
Thursday 23 Mar 2006, 08:52
They were unexciting. My average ping was as high as reppies if not higher, with 30-40 packet loss spikes. He crushed on dm4, on aero I frequently got 400+ pings, I thought my mouse wasnt working until I noticed my ping was so high.
Thursday 23 Mar 2006, 18:38
sux :<<
Friday 24 Mar 2006, 13:55
I don't want it to sound like it was all bad. Reppie played very well and was a gentleman about the situation. I wish him the best of luck in all future matches.